Sidhartha NCR Green is an answer of your urge to luxury lifestyle



As we progress in life, there is forever an urge to raise our way of living to the innovative & modern. Having reached the goals in your work to this point and eying for the higher ground now, you must declare the fact that you are not the mundane class but a class apart. So compose class living a practice and desire to live only where the best of area exists, where the houses are create by the best of minds & hands, where the best of surroundings desire others, where the top of services & facilities satisfy your aspirations.

Sidhartha NCR Green a residential project is planned after deeply study and understanding of a full life. A versatile thinking in constructing this development has balanced your varied needs.

A complete set of beautiful 2, 3 and 4 BHK apartments that offer freshness of class, style & creation. The skilled use of space and structure offer dept & freedom. The tidily laid out building & master planning gives soothe to the eyes. The balance of aesthetic and sensible plans provides exactness. Sidhartha Group’s feeling is that, this might just be the finest & brightest project around.

Your common requirements are addressed with a supreme location, your social life is enhanced with thoughtful elements. You have the extraordinary way to explore your holy side and make space for academic development. All fundamentals have been addressed to keep your success unharmed without negotiation on your lifestyle.

By turning your visions into truth. From your new residence at Sidhartha NCR Green, everything you’ll ever require is just few steps away. This means, you’ll walk to school of your kids, to the clinics, the malls and even the club.

Sidhartha NCR Green Sector 95 Gurgaon is based upon driving standards that not only offer a great home experience but a grand life experience. The standard of peaceful living is all about offering a living that is advanced in every way possible. In this residential project the mind and spirit both find relief.

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