Ansal Amantre – unlimited happiness on the limited 10 acres of land


Built on the foundation of many long established and contemporary plan, Ansal Amantre creates a strong space of green peaceful surrounding. This luxury apartment community makes sure about complete privacy and many innumerable precious moments that you will share with your people and buddies only possible. This is possible in this 10 acres community, that is also one of the most private and well-appointed community of its kind in all over the Gurgaon.

Position in the middle of stunning and green landscaped and water bodies, each of the 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments is modern in style, open, perfectly refined and exclusive in all the ways. From large open spaces that are completely merged together to make living easy, to having adequate technological potential to keep a contemporary family.

These apartments come in corner unit, compact unit and deluxe unit, making them come to life with the rest of the world, as the sun comes up. With the rays of sun your Ansal Amantre Gurgaon Apartment will be all shining with its utmost wholesomeness, glowing it’s universally life giving power all the way through your home, and your living.

No feature has been unseen in this inspirational understanding of a cherished residential project. Every aspect of luxury you want is there for a refined practice. A secure gated development that just lets you be one with the neighboring elements of nature. Be wrapped up in the prosperity of your daily luxury living.

This gated apartment’s project appreciated open space and the splendor of nature and places it in the relaxed yet abundant surroundings. There are a lot of recreation areas so inhabitants can always find a personal spot where they can sit to relax in tranquility and quiet. To exist at this point is like experiencing living in full flourish.

This is residential project offering space for a large collection of indoor and outdoor actions. So welcome to a place where the action never ends, face of you, your parents and your children always shine with a smile. With this development Ansal Housing again put forwards a long chain of services with non stop smiles for you.

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