M3M St Andrew Golf Residences – Project That Shows Standard And Class


The obvious problem with properties is that, the impeccable property that is perfect in every way is hard to find because one property with all benefits to find is a herculean task, but fortunately, here is the project that will surely help you and give you a different platform to live a life with family and indulge in the myriad range of modern amenities.

This new property is introduced by M3M Builder who is well known in the field of real estate and they always come up with new projects that are highly conceptualized with an effective layout plan that embrace beauty and comfort. For them customer’s time/money/importance is completely valuable and that is the reason their creations are far better than others.

M3M St Andrew Golf Residences, this project has different apartments with different facing and each of them are loaded gives an astounding view of the city and this single place is the one where one can have a glance of perfection, nature, comfort, beauty and security, all these collectively makes it a home that is beyond the power of imagination and where every pleasure in under one roof.

Smartly located in sector 65, Gurgaon that is well connected to Golf Course Extn Road that links to other desirable destinations, other than this, Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon, IGI Airport, Delhi Gurgaon Toll plaza, etc. are easy to arrive, further, for the day to day needs destinations like shopping centre, retail shops, schools, hospitals,other modern residential hubs, etc. are also within the diameter, so residents will have easy travelling throughout and Gurgaon is a complete IT hub so more possibility is there that your office is going to be in Gurgaon and that means you don’t have to indulge in heavy traffic, by managing time you can even cover up other lined-up things smartly.

As it is designed and conceptualized by UHA, London Architect, one can make out how amazing it is going to be and where every possible corner is of great use, so that one can re-discover the life that they always wanted to.

Satya Sector 99A a Step For Your Better Life

Investing in the home is another big step for anyone. After all perfect home is the need for all. As it is beyond the four walls and c conceptualized and moreover, they all are teeming with modern infrastructure, breathtaking interiors, complete privacy & comfort, with modern amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, complete security system, jogging/cycling track, etc., so collectively these things together makes a complete property where life is far better and comfortable.

With other different options in the market, have given plenty of choices to its buyers and investors and as per their choice they can pick the best property for their family and give them a space to live in.

Here the option that is absolutely perfect and beneficial for the first time or experienced home buyers. Satya New Gurgaon sector 99A, it is an assortment of 3 & 4 BHK apartments and each of them are developed as per needs of the customers so that they can make a good use of it.

It is spread over 10 acres of land along with this it comes with modern comfort like swimming pool, clubhouse, sitting area with lush greenery all around for fresh ambience, etc.

So this is the place that have made an ordinary home into any an extraordinary one where having a space is a lucrative decision and moreover, Gurgaon has turned into a favorite destination where wide development of residential & commercial have made it a place that is best of both the worlds, renowned companies have escalated the job opportunities here and likewise, people are looking for an ideal property where they can live and work comfortably without indulging in any trouble.

And this project is located in sector 99A, Gurgaon that is close to major sectors and other than this, it is close to Manesar, Sohna, Delhi, Faridabad, etc. and that means travelling is as easy as pie and this not only benefits in travelling, but it also boosts the property value and that is a plus point of any property.

Blog post you can use : https://indrealestates.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/satya-sector-99a-gurgaon/

63 Golf Drive Gurgaon – Home in Your Budget


If you are bored of your age old type of homes then this is the high time to think towards decorating it with new enthusiasm and give your entire family something interesting to see smile on their faces. I think nothing as important as the happiness of our family. Modern developers have understood this thing properly and that is why they are coming with so many different types of constructions like residential, commercial and official hubs. They are acting like mind reader by creating exact your dream like projects.

Well if you are planning to change your abode in order to get more space, better locality and connectivity then ‘Bedarwals 63 Golf Drive’ will be perfect for you. It is located in Gurgaon which is developed a lot in the last 10 years to settle so many IT and known companies here. Even you can see that most of the big companies are there in Gurgaon only therefore, if you buy a property here then you will secure an opportunity to have a good job along with a good property investment.

The most catchy thing about this investment is that here you wouldn’t have to loose your pocket much as it is an affordable housing plan, which is approved by Haryana Govt. If you didn’t make any property investment yet because of the financial issues than now you need not to think more as here you can opt for 1 & 2 BHK apartments in affordable ranges. It has been created to fulfill the property need of middle class income groups. Its features and amenities are the most striking thing here as it is well developed to offer you swimming pool, jogging track, power back-up facility, water availability, lift lobby, a big playground, etc.

Its developer didn’t try to meet the cost cutting by compromising on its amenities and features therefore it is perfect to give neck to neck competition to any other contemporary residential project.

It is close to Golf Course Road, Nh-8, Huda City Centre to connect you smoothly to any other important destinations of Delhi/ NCR. Good health care centers namely Artemis and Alchemist are also a drive away only.

To Know More About : Bedarwals Group

Satya Project Sector 99A – Cherry Picker Property


Whether it is a novice or an experienced buyer, both try to cut corners, so that they don’t give any extra amount and save money if it is possible and that is really appreciable because only a smart step can make you do so. But also one should be clear about what all mistakes a buyer does, when they make an investment, this real estate investment is a lionhearted step that involves your knowledge and understanding so that you just make a better choice and have multi-benefits out of it.

So keeping all troubles at bay, you have a better option, where you can make a lucrative investment and fetch the property that is all of your style and give you amazing homes that are filled with quality material, breathtaking interiors, complete privacy, better safety system, wide entertainment zone, etc.

The latest project by Satya in sector 99A, Gurgaon is a merge of 3 & 4 BHK apartments. And buyers are free to pick out any of them and make a wonderful lifestyle. This is designed for the one who wants to live a like an amazing life with no troubles and maximum fun.

Moreover, its entertainment zone with the features like swimming pool, clubhouse, jogging track, garden with water ponds, gym, car-parking space, high security system, sports activity area, etc.are there to make the lifestyle more happening. And what actually is more interesting is that without stepping out of the place one can make the best use of it and manages other activities.

Satya Project Sector 99A” is thoughtfully located in sector 99A, Gurgaon that is close to major sectors and moreover, other parts of NCR & Delhi, other than this, it’s surrounded by well developed social infrastructure that will fulfill all your needs without wasting much time in travelling.

So hurry and grab your perfect property in Satya’s world of luxury that is only for those deserving buyers who are looking for impeccable homes. And Gurgaon is one of the most happening destinations that is developed and well connected to the major places.

To know more about : Satya Group

Investment is Much Interesting This Time With Ireo Gurgaon Hills Gwal Pahari

Come here and push the boundaries of comfort, style, luxury and happiness with IREO Builder, who is presenting “IREO Gurgaon Hills” a merge of 3, 4 & 5 BHK apartments & penthouses with quality material and smart layout that collectively creates better homes to astound you and your life.

With certain benefits like social lounge, massage room, sauna/steam, gym, rooftop pool, yoga room, etc. you can gel up in all such activities and discover the new life that is teemed with perfection.

IREO Gurgaon Hills has boosted the beauty of its location ‘Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon because such wonderful creations not only serve the space to live life beyond the four walls, but also enhance the surrounded area. Overall, this project sets a platform where you can invest your money and get an ideal property and keep your wealth properly.

So hurry and get the right property for you and your family and give them a space to live a life where there is no worry about your entertainment and safety because it’s already taken care by the builder. You know very well, that property investment is a better way to deal with the money and get in return an asset that can offer you money every month if you rent it out and even you can get much more than what you have invested if you sell it.

So give a surety to your future and have a most sought after home that makes you a proud owner and give you a space to live a luxury life which is going to be the strong need. And if you already have it, then it’s a big plus for you.

Moreover, if you are looking for a job in Gurgaon, as it is known for its big IT hub, then it will be feasible for you to live and work as well in Gurgaon and as far as entertainment is concerned, then you have an option to explore inside this hub or else Gurgaon is loaded with good social infrastructures that gives a wide range of options to explore.

DLF One West – An Opening For A Life That Is Beyond

One step towards Real Estate Investment can lead to a big progress and if the step is towards the right direction, then it’s not less than a having a cake and eat it too. To achieve an ideal property, one need to make a meticulous step because nothing can be achieved without a pain.

Let’s make your investment bit easier, the project, which i’m going to expound will downsize your stress because after knowing it, you really don’t have to search something better as it’s anything but ordinary. And it has everything that will actually turn your life and make it modernize.

DLF One West, not just a project, but an opening for a life which is desirable and matchless. This project is a merge of 2 & 3 BHK (1200 & 1650 sq ft respectively) approx and stretch over 1 tower G+26 and around 250 apartments are there which are fully furnished and set to give out breathtaking lifestyle which is teemed with lots of comfort, luxury, excitement and privacy.

These well furnished apartments not just offer a space to live in, but gives a picture perfect with modular kitchen, stylish bathrooms, spacious bedrooms, best interior work in dining area, balconies with better space, etc.

As it is a hub where other indelible residential and commercial projects are part of it and soon many more projects will make their position, so it is going to be the world of benefits and being a part of it is not less than a big achievement.

Needless to say, DLF is the right architect who knows what all is necessary and how perfectly they can use their resources and come out with something astounding project that gives its utmost benefits to its customers. And this what has made them the most trusted and matchless.

Moreover, One West is the one that is all ready to make your investment more lucrative this time. Additionally, Delhi is always considered to be the best place to live in as its fully developed and the major highlight is its connectivity that connects to the major places smoothy. Likewise, this project is also located on Shivaji Marg, New Delhi.

So hurry and grab this golden offer soon.

Gold Souk Golf Links Apartments- extraordinary homes

Gold Souk Golf Links Apartments

If you will focus on the latest constructions of Delhi and Gurgaon then one thing will come out clearly to show you the impact of day by day rapidly increasing multiplications of properties, which is having congested architecture and messy look. Therefore, people are running towards Sohna and New Gurgaon just to get the company of nature and tranquility. You can bear the fast and noisy environment when you are outside your home but, it is obvious that we don’t want to own a house at a place where there is lot of noise and pollution ready to attack us the moment we open the windows and doors. Home is a place where we all come back after a hectic day in search of happiness and peace. Hence we cannot afford to put our money in a property where there is less satisfaction and more regrets.

If you are bored of seeing different properties and still not able to find something which can win your heart then there is a dream like abode that is waiting for you in Sector-17, Sohna “Gold Souk Golf Links Apartments. Here you can pick 2BHK, 2 BHK+Study, 3BHK+SQ and 4 BHK+SQ apartments. It is going to steal your eyes at first sight as its 4 tall towers are raising the standard of the whole area. Each tower is of 15-23 stores where every unit is separated to maintain the privacy of its inhabitants.

Gold Souk Developer has over 40 years of experience in the realty sector and they have won the trust of their investors and buyers by creating several residential, official, commercial properties. So that you can say they are brilliant in constructing different kinds of projects.

Here you are provided with 9 holes Golf Course which is enough in itself to explain the uniqueness of this project which is around 200 acres integrated township.

It enjoys the great connectivity from Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna road. Also, it is at a close vicinity to GD Goenka Public School and KR Mangalam University. Therefore, here you can give your child better a education. It is away from the fast city life yet you can easily connect yourself from other contemporary places like hospital, hotels, markets, Sohna industrial hub, etc.

DLF Capital Greens Delhi – Home That is Wide & Surprising.

Now there will more spark in your investment because you have a perfect option where you can put all your eggs in one basket because after all its by one and only the prime and known Builder DLF, who is pretty much known for its construction skills and planning because whenever they come in the market, they present something out of the box that benefits its customers in a wide way, so that they not only fetch a property, but along with they also take a pleasure of luxury lifestyle which is not so easy to discover.

So here is the project that is divided into three phases-

PHASE 1- 2 & 3 BHK luxury apartments

PHASE 2- 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments

PHASE 3- 4 BHK apartments

So home buyers are gratis to pick any out of all of them and as per their budget, choice and need they can pick the best one. You will undoubtedly be a proud home owner, who will never regret for their lucrative step because this is a step that is fruitful for today as well as for the future.

Property investment gives tremendous benefits and that is very true, its not that other sort of investments are not that powerful, but this one is over and all the best, but thing that any investor or buyer need to keep in mind is that they should keep their step more carefully and get a full information on certain factors like- location with its connectivity, nearby destinations so that you spend less gas in travelling, good schools within the center, so that your kids don’t find difficulty in commuting, get all features and amenities, so that you spend more time in exploring modern lifestyle and less in travelling, etc.

So you might be thinking what if you are a part of DLF Capital Greens? You will get a life that will astound you every time from the list of benefits like amenities, perfect interior designing and effective layout, completely it a as big hub of comfort, luxury, excitement and beauty that offers you its maximum and give you a better style of life.

As far as its location is concerned, it is situated in Moti Nagar from where leading places like Connaught place, Karol Bagh market, well known, Deen Dayal college, New Delhi railway station, etc. that is easy to travel from metro anytime.

Vatika Primrose – Home Address That Redefines Royal Life

If you are trying to reach your home destination, then here is an sopportunity for all the home buyers to grab their home space in “Vatika Primrose”, Gurgaon where low rise independent floors give perfect rapport with nature and royal lifestyle. Apart from its astounding designs and layout it comes with a wide range of modern amenities that gives a platform to explore benefits such as clubhouse, education & health space, jogging track, gym, kids play area, sports area for various sports, complete security system so that every resident is gratis to pick any service and enjoy it with its utmost level.

The major highlight of the project is that it is a part of around 700 acres township “Vatika India Next” that is a world class space for healthy and king style life. So it is a hub with better living options where you and your other part family members are going to have a real time.

Here comes its location that is in sector 82 & 83, Gurgaon, that is close to major destinations and day to day places like school, college, hospital, shopping centre, etc. are within the diameter, so reach there is not a herculean task, as you can manage it.

So this is a better and good way to have a property in Gurgaon. And later on it can be rent it out and you can gather enough capital together and because its location and property, both are a big advantage, so it is going to entice a lot more other home buyers, and this way you can get the best tenant and when if you sell it off, you can fetch beyond.

And after all property is something that comes with a lot of promises and keep your wealth in the most secured way and plan a better future for a better life.

And this one step for Vatika Primrose is really going to bring a lucrative way to you for a better lifestyle that you always wanted to have and a property that will astound you and others every time.

Puri Diplomatic Greens Phase 2 – Compilation of villas & Apartments

puri deplomatic green

Is the boring schedule of daily life has taken away the zest to live and enjoy the day fullest? If yes then, leave all the worries behind and get ready to accumulate those things which adds colors to your life like appealing accommodation, updated neighborhood, smooth connectivity to give you access to other important destinations, etc. See, mere work by day in and out cannot fetch you the satisfaction which one needs to have for a meaningful today and tomorrow.

It is true that today’s chaotic lifestyle has taken away the energy to pay attention towards our family, sweet home, friends and relatives. But this is not a true way to live other things are equally important lead a stress free life. Calm down, you don’t need to lose yourselves in deep thought about how you can make your life worth living as Puri Developer is ready to take you in a world where you can experience paradise on Earth. Puri Diplomatic Greens phase-2 is an address of dream like luxury abode, which consists of 10 high-end sophisticated 5 bedrooms villas and 3/4 BHK apartments. It is strategically placed on Dwarka Expressway in Sector-110A, Gurgaon.

Here you can pick a villa or apartment according to your need; both are thoughtfully and stylistically constructed to match the personality of its unique inhabitants. Those who will book their space here will never have to take burden about factors like connectivity, safety, power back up, home decor, etc.

It is just 10 minutes away from IGI Airport and all other contemporary places are also at a close distance like renowned schools, colleges, restaurants, market, cafeteria and children’s park. Day spend here will definitely bring you an enthusiasm and standard to keep you in a pace with rapidly changing world. See home is the place where you come after spending a hectic day out just in a search of that peace and happiness which is tough to get at your work place and any other destinations.

Here you can easily checkout activities like table tennis, billiards, swimming, gymnasium, coffee bar, etc. Normally we avoid indulging in these lively movements because we don’t need to step out of our safe zone. Therefore, Puri Developer has arranged these amenities and services within the diameter of your residence.

These villas and apartments are properly ventilated and opened from three sides. It covers the large land of over 82 acres where the developer has tried to accumulate all those modern amenities which is important to make an address posh.