Conscient Habitat Arcade – A Limited Investment Opportunity

Conscient Habitat Arcade is a collection of 56 retail stores. This is not only an address for shopping with your loved ones but it is the address for enjoying fast foods, lunch and dinner. This address is also best for the individuals who have their own style in fashion and always sets new standard. The smart people will regularly visit Habitat Arcade, not just to buy something, but also for a relaxed evening. Shopping here is more than an amusement or a movement; it is a practice and special treat.


Positioned nearby one of the fastest growing corridors of every kind of activity (Dwarka Expressway), this commercial development captivates you with its class and expediency. It’s about an unforgettable experience. It is a part of the Habitat residential complex with 800 + homes spread over wide acres. These retail stores spin the brains and money of numerous local inhabitants and shopaholics. This neighborhood with numerous of residential & commercial developments which are completed, operational and coming up, gives enormous interest and that’s why an opening for a productive investment.

Conscient Habitat Arcade with limited retail stores, making it a world that provides a wide range of options. Excellently maintained development with features like crafty architecture to magnetize heavy footfalls, low maintenance stores to boost the profit, ample free parking available and perfect combination to satisfy all shopping requirements, offers an opportunity to free mind shopping and entertainment. This only ground floor structure houses branded apparel stores, hygienic family restaurants and saloon, shops with daily necessities’ stuffs making it the destination of ease and comfort.

Conscient Habitat Arcade caters to all the requirements of not only Sector 99 A, but also nearby area because of its vicinity from Dwarka Expressway, bounded with many apartment buildings to the globally reputed schools and office spaces. A wide range of retail stores offer the best possible retail solution for your very necessitates. Stores facing Habitat Residential Complex advantages from wide open frontage and importance. So take a quick decision and turn this opportunity into a smart investment with your own retail store nearby Dwarka Expressway.


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